God Spoke the Earth: Stories of Genesis in Prints and Drawings

September 13-December 7, 2014
Celebrating Emory's Creation Stories Project, the Carlos Museum presents God Spoke the Earth: Stories of Genesis in Prints and Drawings. This exhibition focuses on the enduring narratives of the book of Genesis and highlights the breadth of Emory's holdings in this genre. Drawn from the permanent collections of the Carlos Museum, Pitts Theology Library, and MARBL (The Manuscript, Archive, and Rare Books Library), God Spoke the Earth includes extraordinary works of art from Albrecht Dürer's famed 1504 engraving, Adam and Eve (The Fall of Man) to Marc Chagall's lithograph, Bible II- Creation.

The title of the exhibition derives from the creation story recounted in the second chapter of Genesis, in which God speaks the creation of Earth and all living things. It denotes the mysterious, creative power of the Judeo-Christian God that has captivated and inspired artists over the centuries, and offers a testament to the lasting importance of the stories of Genesis.

The exhibitions and educational programs in conjunction with the Creation Stories Project have been made possible by generous grants from the Thalia N. and Chris M. Carlos Foundation, Inc.; the Thalia and Michael C. Carlos Foundation, Inc.; and the Massey Charitable Trust.