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Now Available: A SHRINE FOR TIBET companion catalogue

The companion catalogue to the Carlos Museum exhibition is also the catalogue to the full collection of the Alice S. Kandell Collection, which was assembled with the purpose of creating an authentic Tibetan Buddhist shrine room complete with ritual arrangements and equipment according to the practice of Tibetan and Mongolian lamas of the highest level.  Contact the Museum Bookshop at 404.727.2374 to order a copy by phone.


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The Carlos Museum Bookshop stocks hundreds of titles on art, archaeology, history, and mythology for both adults and children, with an emphasis on the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Because our stock changes so frequently, online shopping is currently not an option, so please visit us to enjoy our inventively curated selection of books. For general information, call 404-727-0509 or email